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/ˌtabjʊlə ˈrɑːzə/


noun: tabula rasa; plural noun: tabulae rasae

An absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals; a clean slate.



Embracing our name, we approach each client with a clean slate. None of our solutions relies on one-size-fits-all toolkits or methodologies. Rather, we offer bespoke consulting services to make sure we understand your business.  We then work closely with you for successful strategy implementation and discover solutions that unlock potential and optimise processes, helping you on your transformation journey.


Tabula Rasa is a collaborative of skilled individuals, assembling their expertise to provide various advisory and consulting services to businesses. We divide our focus between two areas:

Ideation – through our intensive consulting services we identify what your business needs and help you generate, formulate and communicate new strategies; and

Implementation – making the idea a reality by assisting you with a new strategy implementation which includes the optimisation of your current processes.


In this way we enhance processes that are already functioning and create what is needed to transform your business to its most efficient and effective version.


We love technology and what it can do for your business. Through our combined business and technological experiences, our integrative approach allows these two disciplines to be joined into a cohesive whole. Our consulting services will identify how your existing processes may benefit from new technological procedures or applications. We assist you with strategy implementation, focusing on improving efficiency and sustainability and moving your business forward.




“The true delight is in the finding out rather than in  the knowing.” - Isaac Asimov

With 20+ years of experience in her back pocket and a passion for all things technical in her front, Vicky is perfectly positioned to help companies take on their digital transformation challenges with ease and efficiency.


Starting her career as a software engineer before moving into the business side, her experience includes owning the business implementation of robotics solutions, natural language processing and chatbots, as well as, the design of bespoke solution architecture. Due to her well-placed background, Vicky has gained the understanding necessary to harmoniously merge business needs and modern technology. In today’s world, is there any other way?


Finding a solution is where Vicky finds her energy. Not one to shy away from a juicy problem, she knows how important it is that the end result is streamlined, robust and resilient - never leaving you with the short end of the stick.


“I start in the middle of a sentence and move in both directions at once.” - John Coltrane

High performing with a dash of madness, Lisa brings a solid 20 years of experience across the payments and telecommunications industries, with deep knowledge of EMV, merchant solutions, card processing and e-commerce. Her passion for the unusual offers a unique vision in historically well-defined and conservative industries.


She started her career as a software engineer, but rapidly moved into project, programme and product management, spearheading numerous successful outcomes. Remaining outside of the box has allowed her to become a great translator between technology and sales, from inception to delivery.


Lisa is energised by people and loves growing and developing great teams.


“Life is for the alive, my dear” - Tim Burton

Nicola is passionate about operational efficiencies, pricing and product integrity through data driven solutions and analytics.  With over two decades experience in insurance and wealth industries, she has strong business and technical competencies. Her analytical and problem solving skills are a core strength which is supplemented by her love for details and the ability to make critical decisions quickly.


She has headed up P&L’s, products, managed digital and go-to-market strategies as well as lead the PMO teams that drive delivery.  She has been involved in three start-ups which has further enhanced her strategic, solutioning, and influencing skills.  A competitor, both on and off the field, she is driven by getting things done efficiently and effectively. She is bubbly, honest and vocal which helps her create long lasting relationships. 

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